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Fertilization - Annual Programs

Why fertilize?

Fertilizing your lawn provides the nutrients necessary for your lawn to grow. However, maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn during the entire growing season in East Tennessee can be a bit tricky. We have to account for wacky weather, a wide variety of soil compositions, grass types and those incessantly hardy weeds we have in our area.

With all of these things in mind, Lawnscapes, Inc. follows a fertilization program that is customized to each “season” during the growing months in order to cut down on weeds and maximize the full potential of your landscape and yard.

We assess and analyze every lawn individually and customize a plan to fit your specific landscape needs.

Weeds are controlled throughout the season using a variety of post emergent products to control selective broadleaf weeds.

When it comes to pre-emergent weed control, timing is everything. Pre-emergent herbicides are only effective if applied before the annual grass weeds emerge. Make an application to late and the pre-emergent herbicide will be totally ineffective.

> Early Spring - Pre-emergent with weed killer. (1st application)
> Late Spring - Pre-emergent. (2nd application)
> Spring - Weed and Feed application.
> Summer - Summer Fertilizer.
> Fall - Fall Fertilizer.
> Late Fall/Winter - Winter fertilization for nutrients during the dormant season.

Optional Additional Services We Offer:

1. Grub control in late spring.
2. Aeration and over-seeding in the fall.

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